Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

Landscape drip irrigation is a method of delivering water slowly, at low pressure, at or near the root zone of the landscape plant material. It is often referred to as targeted or precise watering, because drip irrigation allows you to target the precise area that you want to irrigate.

Drip irrigation is the most efficient type of irrigation and subsurface drip is especially so because it is unaffected by wind and evaporation. This results in 70% less water use than conventional overhead sprinklers. Drip irrigation systems typically operate between 15-50 psi, and flow rates are measured in gallons/hour (GPH) versus gallons/minute (GPM).

Drip irrigation is an intelligent method to cut back on water use without making your property’s plants run dry by slowing and precisely dripping water directly to the root zone.

We offer drip irrigation services and systems to our customers. No matter your property and irrigation needs, we are certain that drip irrigation can help you control water usage.

Using a specially designed irrigation system comprised mostly of valves and tubing, drip irrigation slowly drips water onto plants, flowers, and sometimes crops. The system is designed to get water right to the roots of plants, rather than spraying it onto leaves, petals, and stems. Some systems use as little as one-fifth of a gallon of water per hour for the average-sized planter or flowerbed.

Types of drip irrigation:

  • Surface: The dripline is placed above the ground or rests on the soil, where it drips near the roots. Surface drip irrigation systems can be moved and modified as needed.
  • Subsurface or subterranean: The dripline is buried beneath the soil, sometimes as deep as 12 or so inches. Subsurface drip irrigation is a fantastic way to get water right to the roots of your property’s greenery, but it is more difficult to move and modify due to its subterranean placement.
SAWs Annual Irrigation Checkup

In an effort to maximize year-round water conservation efforts, the San Antonio City Council passed a water conservation ordinance addressing a variety of water conservation opportunities.

One of the provisions included in the ordinance requires that properties 5 acres or larger and properties defined as Large Use with in-ground irrigation systems submit an annual irrigation checkup to the San Antonio Water System Conservation Department by May 1 each year.

Required Annual Irrigation Checkups Can Contribute to Water Savings

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